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Mad Aliens Studio is a cohesive team that creates games. Since 2015, we have been developing and localizing online projects with a unique atmosphere. The game portfolio of our company is constantly growing, and we are always interested in cooperation with new teams and individual developers. We are inspired by our games and want them to give you joy.

We have a professional team, friendly atmosphere, excellent working conditions. The games that we develop have of high quality, interesting and emotional gameplay, a high level of graphics and animation.




Do you like to draw and want to make your favorite hobby your profession? This course is aimed at mastering digital drawing and working skills on a graphic tablet. You will learn all the necessary tools Adobe Photoshop for the artist. In this course, you are expected not only basic skills (line, perspective, tone, etc.), but also work with the design of the subject for games!



This is a course for those who want to connect their profession with animation. Students will learn the basic skills and techniques of 2D game animation. During the training, the student will develop his own portfolio, get all the necessary skills and a complete idea of ​​the features of the animator and possible further development directions.


START AT 02.06.2019

The game development course at Unity will allow you to realize your creative abilities in the field of game creation. At the end of the course, students will be able to create their own game, which you can safely add to your portfolio and independently release on different platforms.

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War Cars 2

Online multiplayer battle with amazing 2D graphics. Join the ranks of the brave souls of post-apocalyptic arenas. Build your war machine and get a drive from online 1 on 1 battle in real time! More than 750 thousand downloads!




Augmented Reality Cognac Ala-Too and Ala-Tau

This project blew up the social network with its popularity, the product “chained” a huge amount of attention to itself. After the application of AR-technology, the demand for the product increased 30 times.


Mask Merge

Casual game of the genre “merge” on Android / iOS, created in collaboration with the game studio “Grimwood Team”. The gameplay consists in combining the same masks in order to get stronger. Each new mask is stronger than the previous one and earns more game currency on the battlefield.




Lucky Shark

Mobile game for children up to 9 years. A virtual aquarium in which a child can collect and feed existing fish or win new ones.

Drones Battle

The game for mobile devices of the genre RTS (real-time strategy) with elements of the CCG (collection-card game). The gameplay is based on battles in which the player needs to attack the enemy towers with the help of troops in the form of cards, and also defend their towers from enemy attacks. As a setting used combat drones.

Monkey Job

Mobile arcade game with voice control. At the head of the plot is a monkey who hijacked a sports car from the driver at the gas station. The player is faced with the task to drive as far as possible.

CG Production

3D animation and videos for Elite House, Nomad Games, WarCars, Drones Battle, Mask Merge

Mobile application "Mental Arithmetic"

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